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Weka DK 16 Diamond Core Drill

  • Vendor: WEKA
  • Barcode: 001795


Universal diamond core drilling machine which can be fixed in a drill stand or used as a hand held drill.

  • 2000 watt power
  • 3-speed gear – 580/1400/2900 rpm
  • Drill up to 20-160mm w/stand
  • Drill up to 20-100mm handheld


  • 3 – Speed Gear

Large drilling range (see tech. Data) with easy speed adjustment to each hole diameter.

  •  Oil-bath Lubrication

Optimal gear lubrication for high efficiency and durability.

  • Overload Clutch

Protection for operator as well as for machine and tools against mechanical overloads. An indispensable safety element for hand-operated core drills.

  •  Intellitronic

The new electronic system starts the motor softly by means of a micro controller, and thus avoids an excessively high starting current. When exceeding the overcurrent threshold, the electronic system is showing this by a pulsating of the motor. If the operator now decreases the feed power, the motor works again like normal. If the operator does not decrease the feed power, the electronic system switches the motor off after some seconds. After this action the motor can be restarted immediately. It is not required to wait a time period before starting again like on a thermal motor overload switch. Thus the Intellitronic avoids overload conditions and increases safety, the operators comfort and the motors lifetime.

  • Leveling Aid

Two integrated levels enable exact horizontal and vertical working positioning.

  • Metal Casing

In relation to plastic cases the aluminium case of WEKA drills is mechanically and thermally more stable and durable.