SurPro S1 Single Sided Aluminium Stilts 20
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SurPro S1 Single Sided Aluminium Stilts 20"-30"


SurPro S1 Single Sided Aluminium Stilts 20"-30"

Traditional style with modern advancements in safety, comfort, and performance.  S1 Stilts are a step above the industry standard and set the bar for safety, comfort, and performance in the single-sided drywall stilt category.

Feature Highlights:

  • Extra-strength, lightweight Aluminum stilt body – hex-shaped design has proven a lifetime of dependability among daily users.
  • Single side poles that will not twist or require constant adjustment due to our exclusive Key & Lock design – 3 positions of rotation adjustment, and all ranges of height adjustment
  • The most personalized fit – Fully adjustable stilt height, side pole calf height and positioning, footbed length, forward and backward lean tension, and strap positioning.
  • Comfy Wraparound Leg Bands that flex with you, not cut into your legs.
  • Auto-Locking, Non-Slip, premium cotton webbed leg, ankle, and toes straps for a comfy secure fit.
  • Industries largest footplates for a stable stance and better balance.
  • Double wing bolts, front and back, for added security, when up high, and increased internal parts longevity. All sizes, except 16″-24″.
  • Safety First – Patented Interlock Safety System that adds redundancy at all crucial safety points.
  • Non-slip SurPro Super Grip soles designed for commercial and residential job site environments

Product code: 

S1-A-2030 20″-30″