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Metabo ASR 25 L SC L Class Wet & Dry Dust Extractor 25L (110V)


Metabo ASR25LSC All-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner with Electromagnetic Shaking and Automatic Power On

The ASR25LSC is a wet and dry vacuum or even a dust extractor. This highly versatile machine has a 1400W motor which provides a huge amount of suction and is sold in both 110V and 240V versions. Ideal for mobile use due to low weight and compact construction. Comes with attachments to make it the all round machine.

ASR25LSC Features:

  • SelfClean: Semi-automatic filter cleaning during breaks for next use
  • Compact vacuum cleaner for liquids and dry solids with commercial registration
  • For extraction at power tools and to clean construction sites, workshops etc.
  • User protection: Certified in accordance with EU standard for dusts of dust class L
  • Automatic shut-down when vacuuming liquids once the maximum filling height is reached
  • Two polyester filter cassettes with large filter area for constantly high suction capacity
  • Automatic trailing mechanism for emptying the suction hose completely
  • Antistatic basic equipment prevents static charge when using appropriate accessories
  • Option to wind up the cable
  • Practical accessory case and storage area
  • Storage and transport system: coupling of MetaLoc and vacuum cleaner with the Metadepot 6.31937

Comes with:

  • Suction Hose (∅ 35 mm / 3.2 m)
  • Handle adapter
  • 2 Plastic Suction Pipes
  • 2 Polyester Filter Cassettes (M class)
  • Nylon web filter bag
  • Grouting nozzle
  • Universal nozzle


  • Air output max.: 3,660 l/min
  • Vacuum: 248 hPa (mbar)
  • Filter surface: 8,600 cm_
  • 1,400 W
  • Container volume: 25 l
  • Suction hose:
  • - Diameter: 35 mm
  • - Length: 3.2 m
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Cable length: 8 m