Makita DSP600ZJ 36V Guide Saw Kit - Tool Source - Buy Tools and Hardware Online
Makita DSP600ZJ 36V Guide Saw Kit - Tool Source - Buy Tools and Hardware Online
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Makita DSP600ZJ 36V Guide Saw Kit

  • Vendor: Makita
  • Product Type: Saw
  • Barcode: 002304

Makita DSP600ZJ 2x18v 36v 165mm Plunge Saw Body Only, Guide Rails & Clamps Kit

Makita 18+18v 36V Twin Battery Brushless Plunge Saw + Guide Rails & Clamps | Bare Unit | DSP600ZJ


  • Electronic brake slows blade quicker.
  • 5 speed control dial.
  • Suitable for use with guide rails (available separately).
  • High performance brushless motor for longer runtime.
  • Automatic Torque Drive Technology.
  • Can bevel between -1 & 48°
  • Uses two 18v batteries in series for 36v motor drive.

Please note, this saw does not come with batteries or charger.

Technical Specifications:

Shipping Weight: 6.20kg
Manufacturer: Makita
Max Cut Depths: 56mm @90° | 40mm @45° | 38mm @48°
Voltage: 36v (requires 2 x 18v)
Blade Diameter: 165mm
Blade Bore: 20mm
Noise Sound Pressure: 92 dB(A)
Noise Sound Power: 103 dB(A)
Noise K Factor: 3 dB(A)
No Load Speed Range: 2500 - 6300 rpm

To allow a higher power than a single 18 volt battery can provide, the DSP600 has two slots for 18v batteries and connects them in series internally to provide an output to the motor of 36 volts. This allows the blade to spin from 2,500 all the way up to an impressive 6,300 rpm. The saw takes the common 165mm saw blades with 20mm bore, which allows you to make a maximum depth of cut of 56mm at 90° or 40mm at 45°. To control the speed of the blade, the plunge saw has a 5 speed dial that lets you quickly adjust on the fly - but the DSP600 also features Automatic Torque Drive Technology which allows it to modify the blade speed depending on the load to better optimise the cutting. This version of the DSP600 comes without batteries or a charger, which lets you either use your existing Lithium-ion 18 volt battery packs, or buy another kit with two batteries such as a drill and impact driver twin pack.