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Paslode IM350+ Plus Cordless Gas Nailer


Paslode IM350+ Plus Cordless Gas Nailer

The NEW and improved version of the iconic IM350+ tool heralds the seventh generation of Paslode gas nailing technology. Benefitting from 40 years of customer insight and innovation, the tool is strong and durable, guaranteeing tool performance and reliability.

Based on the predecessor it uses similar technology compared to the superior Paslode IM360Ci.

This premium cordless gas nailer is ideal for customers who want a premium engineered nailer and who want to use alternative brands of nail fuel packs.

The Paslode IM350+ Plus Cordless Gas Nailer gun 906500 fires 34 degree paper strip nails 50mm – 90mm.

Paslode IM350+ Plus Cordless Gas Nailer gun is compatible with many leading brands of nails including Securall nails, Paslode nails, Senco nails, Easifix nails, Rawlplug nails, Timco nails, Firm hold nails.

Paslode IM350+ Plus Gas Nail gun (Cordless) has an array of features.

All Paslode nailers purchased from Securall Fastenings come with the Securall Full Service Solution.

Quick charge lithium battery enables up to 9000 shots on a full charge.

Easy dial a depth so you can adjust depth of the nail easily.

Non slip grip rubber handle makes tool a joy to use over long periods of time.

Multi angled teeth avoids tool slipping on timber.

Always refer to the safety instructions for the correct use these type of tools.  Always wear the recommended safety gear when working with nailers.

Technical Data:
Battery Capacity: 2,1 Ah
Battery Charge Time: 90 Min.
Battery Type:Lithium
Fixings Per Battery Charge: 9000 fixings approx
Weight According EPTA (Kg) 3,3 kg
Net Depth Dimension: 370 x 305 x 110 mm
Power (Impact Force): 82 J
Fuel Cell Capacity: 1100 shots
Sound Power Level: ( En 12549) Lwa,1S,1M 102 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level: (En 12549) Lpa,1S,1M 89 dB(A)
Vibration (EN ISO 8662-11) hav 2,6 kg m/s²