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Hecht 3775 Submersible electric pump


Hecht 3775 Submersible electric pump

  • Power consumption 750 W
  • Submersible sludge pump for clean and dirty water
  • Suitable for wells, ponds, streams, reservoirs, etc.
  • Plastic case
  • Float switch that monitors the level and switching
  • 10 m supply cable
  • Maximum displacement 9 m
  • Maximum flow 13000 l/h
Submersible centrifugal pump suitable for pumping clean or cloudy water. Automatic switching of the pump is ensured by a float in the housing. It cannot get caught anywhere, which ensures high reliability of automatic switching. The float switches on when the water level reaches 17 cm, switches off when the level drops to approx. 7 cm. The maximum working depth is 7 m. The pump is suitable for pumping water from swimming pools, ponds, seepage into cellars and the like. It is not intended for pumping septic tanks and tanks.


power input (W) 750
max. displacement (m) 9
max. flow rate (l/h) 13000